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Don Verdean: Biblical Archaeologist
John Carter of Mars
Microsoft Bing Commercial
127 Hours
Episode of "One Tree Hill"
IHC Commercial
Proctor And Gamble Commercial
AT&T Commercial
Audition with Cate Pregastis
Hatching Pete
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
The Cell 2
The Worlds Fastest Indian


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4/22/2013 -- New Contact Info

 IF you encounter any problems with the site, please email me IMMEDIATELY using 'Matt' 'at' UtahExtras dot com!


Thank you SO much!



4/28/2013 --
Register button coming tonight for new  users for the site!  Sorry!  That was totally *MY* fault. 

5/17/2013 -- Site Email Messages!
We have found an error in our Site Messaging.  I'm working on it.  You won't be missing any communication from us as this is just a duplicate of the email we sent to your email address.  I'll post when the bug is fixed.

10/1/2013 -- Changes...always changes!
As we approach a new season, we have decided to grant EVERYONE 3 additional months of free access to the site.  We've also made some changes to how your profile works.  The biggest change you'll see it that you have only one profile photo.  Having multiple photos was causing some confusion with both users and Coordinators and so, to simplify, we have moved to only one.  Additionally, we're trying to simplify the Registration and Profile Creation processes and we would love your feedback on those processes.   The next biggest challenge we have is that people forget their User Name and/or Password.  To help mitigate this, we're working on integrating the FaceBook logon, so you will be able to use the traditional method, or use your FB credentials. 

Follow along with these changes and more on the beta site, which can be found at http://dev.utahextras.com

Please remember that this site is a work in progress and it may or may not give you an error :) 



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